Volunteers Needed! Mexico Leadership Exchange Program

Howdy Ags! ASME will be hosting 15 exchange students from the University of Guanajuato in Mexico from September 9-18 and this gives everyone is ASME a unique and exciting opportunity! You can get involved by either hosting a student at your home or by volunteering for a day as a driver for the students!

As a host your responsibilities will include:

  1. Letting them crash on your couch from September 8th to September 16 (they will be out of town September 16-18).
  2. Dropping them off on campus at a designated time and location each morning (most likely around 7:30 am)
  3. Providing some sort of breakfast (doesn’t have to be a 3 course meal). We will take care of the rest of the meals.
  4. Volunteer to be a tour guide for a day. You would be the point of contact for the day and would be responsible for driving the students to their scheduled activities. If you are 21 or over you can drive a van rented by ASME. If you are under 21 you would have to use your personal vehicle (we’ll cover gas). If you volunteer as a driver you get to join them in any activities we have planned for them that day which includes trips to Ausitn, Lake Bryan, Grand Central Station and a tour of the Houston Space Center! 

You don’t have to choose between being a driver or hosting, you can do both! Porque no los dos!

If you aren’t completely sold yet on volunteering, there are some benefits for signing up!

  1. If you host an exchange student you will be given priority status when signing up for the trip to Mexico in the summer.
  2. We are working with Dr Hogan on getting credit for MEEN 381 if you host a student AND go on the trip to Mexico next summer.
  3. Any classes you miss because you were driving are a university excused absence (skip class? sign me up!)

This is a ton of information right now and it’s still summer (wait school is in how many weeks!?) so we will be sending more info as the date gets closer. But if you are already completely sold on this amazing opportunity and can’t wait to sign up, contact our International Relations Chairs, Emilio Taltique and Klayton Whittler, and let them know how you can help!