Academic and Professional Resources

One of ASME’s goals is to assist our members in obtaining academic and professional success. On this page we will present you with a few helpful resources to advance your academic and professional careers.

Professional Resources:

Resume Database (coming soon) – Take a look here to see some great looking resumes, and learn what job offers were received with these resumes.

Alumni contacts (coming soon) – Contact alumni of ASME – TAMU so that you can learn what they do in their respective job and what opportunities may be available for you.

Academic Resources:

Library of Former Documents (Coming Soon) – Check out what helpful documents we have for your classes.

MEEN 363: – By far one of the best resources available for dynamics and vibrations. Totally free, and gives full walk through tutorials on most of the homework problems in the book.

MEEN Ambassadors – Get advice from a current MEEN student about navigating college and succeeding in Mechanical Engineering!